Purple-power toning shampoo bar


This natural purple-power toning shampoo bar produces a purple lather to help tone brassy / yellowed hair. It is suitable for blondes or grey hair. It provides a gentle cleanse and plenty of shine, plus the lavender, rosemary & fennel essential oils are beneficial for both scalp and hair health.

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  • NO artificial colours or fragrances, palm oil, parabens, detergents (SLS/SLES), alcohol, petrochemicals and no unnecessary chemicals.

This all natural purple-power toning shampoo bar produces a purple lather, to help tone brassy / yellowed hair. It is suitable for blonde or grey hair. The bar provides a gentle cleanse and plenty of shine, plus will leave you smelling great with the lavender, rosemary & fennel essential oils.

On the colour wheel, purple is the opposite of yellow, which is why purple pigments cancel out brassy, yellow tones. Purple-power is coloured naturally with an infusion of ground alkanet root (Alkanna tinctoria), madder root (Rubia tinctorum), rhubarb root (Rheum rhabarbarum), and indigo leaf powder (Indigofera tinctoria). Visit this link to see it in action.

The effect of this bar will vary, depending on how long the shampoo is in contact with your hair, and how often you wash. It can be used as often as required, and any colour change will be very subtle and gradual. Unlike regular purple shampoos which rely on synthetic pigments, this natural version will be a lot more gentle in its action.

Available as 100g or 30g bars.


Coconut, olive and castor oils, filtered water, sodium hydroxide*, alkanet root, madder root, rhubarb root, indigo leaf, lavender, rosemary & fennel essential oils & love. No nasties, just the good stuff.


As with all shampoo bars (hair soap), a diluted vinegar rinse (approx 1 part vinegar : 5 parts water, or as desired) after washing is recommended, to restore the pH of the hair to neutral. Alternatively, my conditioner bar can also be used (with or without the vinegar rinse).

If you haven’t used a shampoo bar before, it may take a few washes to remove the chemical build up from commercial shampoos. Don’t give up – your hair (and the environment) will thank you for making the change.


Before use – To store handmade soap before using, please ensure you keep them somewhere dry and dark, away from humidity (not in the bathroom, instead store in linen cupboard, closet or drawers).
While in use – For maximum longevity while using, please store on a well drained soap dish or shelf and allow to dry out between uses. Ask for a free pumice at check out to use as a soap stand.

Please note: All my soap are handcrafted and cut in small batches so variations will occur in appearance, however each bar still contains all the fantastic ingredients listed. I am not making any medical claims regarding this product.

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  1. Helen (verified owner)

    This shampoo is great for the blonde parts of my daughters hair, and it’s her favourite because it smells Devine!

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