Handcrafted soap, solid haircare, balms, organic cotton cloths and toys, and wild weaving.
No nasties, just the good stuff!

the good stuff natural ingredients

100% Natural ingredients
– better for you & the environment.

the good stuff local and wild

Local & wild
– wild foraged, home-grown & local materials used.

the good stuff eco-friendly

– packaged & shipped in recycled, compostable or recyclable packaging.

no nasties just the good stuff

No nasties
– free from palm oil, chemical & synthetic extras. Just the good stuff.

the good stuff soap
the good stuff hair care
the good stuff skin care
the good stuff household
gift boxes & bundles
wild weaving & woven stones
amigurumi toys
Wonky bars & other things
specials – wonky bars & other things

What my customers say…


Adore your soaps! Please never stop making them 🙂


I LOVE these shampoo bars – the only shampoo bars that have worked for me!


My mum and I love our body bars! We’ll definitely be ordering more 🙂


Without a doubt one of the best smelling soaps I’ve ever had. Unfortunately I didn’t get it for myself, but I’m absolutely going to change that!

Jude W.

I would like to say thank you to Karen for the superb soaps she makes. My partner and I both enjoy that they are made with natural ingredients and love the scent of them ….. will certainly be buying more soaps in the future…… 😍


Bought this for a friend – really pretty, and completed and delivered incredibly quickly. (Local delivery – however I was surprised at how fast the order was finished!) Exactly what I wanted. Thanks 🙂