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Product Care

Soap, shampoo and conditioner bars:

To store handmade soap before using, please ensure you keep it somewhere dark and dry (and preferably not humid). While using please store on a well drained soap dish or shelf (not under a stream of water) and allow it to dry out between uses for maximum longevity.

Body butter moisturiser bars and deodorant:

Store out of direct sunlight (so they don’t melt) and out of reach of your four-legged friends.  Since these bars are made from a delicious blend of natural butters, oils and waxes, they will seem like a wonderful treat to your fur-friends.  The only bar that may produce an adverse effect if eaten by dogs, is the vanilla & cocoa butter lotion bar.  Cocoa butter contains theobromine which can be toxic to dogs if ingested.

Knitted items:

Hang up to dry between uses.  Wash by machine or hand wash and line or tumble dry.  They will fade with wear and washing but will remain sound for years and years.  Once worn out, they can be disposed or in your home compost bin (or commercial compost).


I recommend transferring the contents of the cellophane bag into a small jar or tin for use at home.  To use, simply place a small amount (approx. 1/4tsp) in your hand and scoop up with a dampened toothbrush; or wet the head of your toothbrush, shake off excess water, dip the bristles into the powder, tap to remove excess, then brush. The bags are made from plant-based cellophane so can be composted at home (or commercially).

Packaging materials:

All packaging material used is compostable at home (or commercially) with the exception of the Lippy tins.  These can be placed in kerbside metal recycling or reused for something else.