Kawakawa & charcoal soap (with coconut milk) – seconds



The combination of kawakawa infusion, activated charcoal and coconut milk in this soap makes for a super gentle, soothing bar. It is unscented and simply allows nature to do the talking.

  • NO artificial colours or fragrances
  • NO palm oil
  • NO parabens
  • NO detergents (SLS/SLES)
  • NO alcohol
  • NO petrochemicals
  • NO unnecessary chemicals


The combination of kawakawa, activated charcoal and coconut milk in this soap produces a super gentle, soothing bar. It is unscented and simply allows nature to do the talking.

These bars are “seconds” but only because my swirl didn’t work out and there are a few air-pockets (they’re just a little bit ugly!). However, just like the original version, this natural soap is simply PERFECT for sensitive or irritated skin.

– Kawakawa has cleansing properties which may help support skin problems it is also known to reduce inflammation and irritation.
– Activated charcoal is used for removing impurities.
– Coconut milk makes for a super creamy lather and adds excellent skin soothing properties.

Made in a small batch, by hand using the cold process method, this soap will gently clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. As it contains all the natural glycerine from the soap making process, it will therefore help keep your skin moisturised after washing.

100g bar


Kawakawa infused olive oil, coconut & rice bran oils, sodium hydroxide*, coconut milk, Shea & cocoa butter, water, castor oil & soy wax, activated charcoal, “super greens” powder, nettle powder, zinc oxide, kaolin clay, salt & love. No nasties, just the good stuff.

* None remains in final product


Before use – To store handmade soap before using, please ensure you keep them somewhere dry and dark, away from humidity (not in the bathroom, instead store in linen cupboard, closet or drawers).
While in use – For maximum longevity while using, please store on a well drained soap dish or shelf and allow to dry out between uses. Ask for a free pumice at check out to use as a soap stand.

Please note: All my soap are handcrafted and cut in small batches so variations will occur in appearance, however each bar still contains all the fantastic ingredients listed. I am not making any medical claims regarding this product.

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