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Do you make soap from scratch or do you use ‘melt and pour’ pre-made bases?

All of my soap is made from scratch using natural ingredients. I do not use any palm oil, SLS, artificial fragrances or other unnecessary ingredients in my soap. No nasties, just the good stuff.

See the ingredients section for more information.

Can you custom make a batch of soap for me?

Yes absolutely! If you have a particular type of soap you’re interested in, or need soap for a special occasion e.g. wedding favours, branded for your bed & breakfast, for a fundraiser, or just a flavour that you love, please get in touch and we can work out details.

Wholesale availability

I prefer to supply entire batches at a wholesale rate rather than individual items. I only make soap in small batches and May be able to offer a special price for an entire batch depending on batch size. I keep my retail prices low and my margins tight so the items are affordable for everyone. I can sell smaller numbers of bars to you, but depending on volume and frequency of purchase these may be discounted but not at full wholesale rates. Please enquire if you are interested.

How can you customise knitted cloth orders?

I can make cloths, make up removal wipes and scrubbies to order in a wide selection of colours. Most of my yarn is cotton, but I also have some bamboo and linen, and I use hemp twine in the scrubbies. The hemp twine I purchase is Fair Trade.

Care instructions

- All of my knitted/crocheted items can be machine washed and dried on the clothesline or in drier.

- Soap, shampoo and conditioner bars are best left to dry out between uses so they last longer. I recommend sitting them on a pumice stone or other free draining dish. Pumice stones are available free with all soap orders.

What if I'm rural delivery?

No problems at all, simply click on the shipping options available and select rural delivery!

Do you ship outside New Zealand?

I ship to Australia, but it is likely cost prohibitive to ship elsewhere. But ask, you never know!

Can I pick up my order?

Yes absolutely! I have a contactless collection point as well as a COVID tracker QR code. This means all items can be collected simply and safely. Use the coupon LOCALDELIVERY at check out to waive shipping costs.